The Practice of Biodynamics

When it was acquired in 1997, the vineyard of château La Grolet showed the marks of a history of frequently using synthetic processes. A "lunar" soil, tired vines which could only make grapes through "perfusion", by which we mean soluble artificial fertilizers. The vine therefore no longer had any means of defence against external aggressions. Already with an understanding of Biodynamics, this method was then forced on us with a therapeutic aim. Indeed this empirical method makes it possible by the application of "processes" on the vineyard to return vitality to the soil and the plant so that it may fully express itself while taking the cosmic rhythms into account. These processes are potentized (mixing according to a spiral movement of the latter, mixed with spring water while changing direction several times to create a funnel alternating with chaos).

The "500" or compost horn manure ( obtained from winter manure in the horn of a cow) is a process that allows for the mobilising of the elements in the soil towards the plant reacting directly on the roots so that they may develop. Another main process used is the 501 or "horn silicia" which reinforces photosynthesis. For preventative treatment against cryptogamic diseases, we use only copper and sulphur coupled with various herbs and decoctions (horsetail, nettle, oak).



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