On our properties everything possible is done to support biodiversity

Welcome auxiliary insects Grolet butterfly

papillon de la Grolet/Bee of La Grolet

The vineyard is an ecosystem in its own right, whereby a balance between different species must be preserved; in order to do so, we plant hedges, delay mowing, don't interfere with wild land and ensure a constant and fast growth of the vineyard for every other row.


A beehouse

abeille de La Grolet

Pesticides are causing the decline of bees throughout the world, despite the fact these insects pollinate most plants. Without them, according to Albert Einstein, humanity would disappear in only a few years! Here is why we must accommodate these insects on our estate by means of the association "a shelter for bees".


Biodiversity on the roofs

Toit végétal sur le cuvier de la Grolet / Vegetable roof on the fermenting room of La Grolet

The roof of the fermenting room of Château La Grolet was entirely vegetated with various species of sedum, rustic plant adapted to extreme conditions. A simple roof was thus transformed into a natural environment and its thermal insulation is better than any other technique.


A haven of peace for animals

All of our estates, being over 120 hectares (vineyards, meadows, woodland and wetlands), is classified as "Refuge for Wild Animals" declared to the Prefecture of la Gironde. Indeed, to the great displeasure of hunters, hunting was permanently prohibited there. However, despite everything, they can still take advantage of the fact that it is an area of reproduction for game which will then extend its habitat in surrounding areas.



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